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ЄВС-проект в Естонії

НГО “Стелла” шукає учасника для 9-місячного ЄВС в Науковому Центрі в Естонії!

А яка поїздка в Європу без ISIC???

Оформлюй картку онлайн за 10 хв ТУТ

Коли: березень 2018 – листопад 2018
Де: Тарту, Естонія
Дедлайн: 13/01/2018
Project description
AHHAA is a Science Centre that aims to introduce science to everyone and encourages studying through the joy of discovery. In addition to trying out numerous ´hands-on´ exhibits, visitors of AHHAA can also take part in different workshops, enjoy planetarium and science theatre shows.
In the centre we offer to the volunteer various learning experiences throughout the project and as a result he/she will develop competencies necessary for self development and future working life.
In daily tasks the volunteer will be interacting with the visitors and children, make group introductions, carry out science based workshops and help the staff during science theatre shows. Creative contributions, new ideas and initiatives are encouraged.
The volunteer can take part in organisational activities all around Baltic states with AHHAA Centre and will be included in the biggest event of the year European Researchers’ Night festival. Our aim is to make the volunteer really feel part of the team!

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